THE SISTERS OF GLASS FERRY     . . . rock and water, taken in the abstract, fail as completely to convey any idea of their fierce embracings in the throes of a rapid as the fire burning quietly in a drawing-room fireplace fails to convey the idea of a house wrapped and sheeted in flames.          — (Sir William Francis Butler)    In 1952, on the night of their high school prom in rural Kentucky, two teens go missing. Twenty years later a car is pulled from the muddy river, along with clues of the young couple’s disappearance, rudely awakening the sleepy bourbon town of Glass Ferry, bringing to surface, lies and secrets long-buried off the the town’s legendary Ebenezer Road.  The Sisters of Glass Ferry  is a haunting look at small town secrets and sibling rivalry, where lust, jealousy, love, and loss intersect with historical glimpses at a bygone era and the chilling aftereffects of lies gone unchallenged, spanning the 30s through 70s. A cultural portrait of southern family bonds, grief, retribution and atonement.                                                              COMING December 2017