Kim Michele Richardson - photo Andrew Eccles

Kim Michele Richardson - photo Andrew Eccles




I love exploring my birthplace in my writings; the beautiful, brutal and mysterious Kentucky land and its people. I have traveled to mostly every corner and nook of Kentucky and am always searching for another cranny to discover. 

I impart my novels with my fierce love for the land, showcase its intriguing people, history, forgotten folksong, comforting food and the unusual and cherished traditions, myths and legends of the region.

More than anything, I write human stories set in a landscape that can easily be identifiable and inclusive to anybody’s neck of the woods. And isn’t that what Eudora Welty meant when she wrote, “One place understood helps us understand all places better."

I visited the backwoods and rural areas of Western Kentucky in Liar’s Bench. Then in GodPretty I explored Appalachia, its darkly coal rich mountains and the hardscrabble people of Eastern Kentucky.

Spanning the 30s to present-day, The Sisters of Glass Ferry, is a haunting tale of love and loss, redemption and atonement that travels to the South Central regions, the dirty south of this land, exploring the Kentucky River Palisades and soaking up the ‘angels' share’ breezes — caused by the strong evaporation of sleeping bourbon aging in barrels. We’ll glimpse the powerful Kentucky bourbon distilleries in the regions where there have always been more barrels than people in this new novel that will be in bookstores December, 2017.

In February, 2017, I finished the first draft of my 4th novel, A Familiar Bluet, and have spent countless hours researching and exploring the Pack Horse Library Project of 1935.  It is a facinating tale of tribute about the fearsome librarians who traveled on horseback and mule to provide books to the poor and isolated communities in Kentucky.”


The Sisters of Glass Ferry  “An authentic Southern voice straight out of Kentucky, well graveled, rough with moonshine, and damn near irresistible.”— Joshilyn Jackson, NYT bestselling author of gods in Alabama and The Almost Sisters

“A great piece of work.” – NPR -Kentucky Affiliate -Bill Burton, Host, Morning Edition, WFPL on GODPRETTY IN THE TOBACCO FIELD

“A voice rich and authentic, steeped in the somber beauty that defines life in the South. Richardson knows this place well, and GodPretty sings of that honesty.” — David Joy, Where All Light Tends To Go

"Richardson writes Kentucky. Her stories aren’t just set in our state. They express in their very words the uniqueness of the place. She has truly found her voice and people love it."  -Derby Rotten Scoundrels Chapter, SinC (Sisters In Crime)




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