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Kim Michele has built a tiny home in the wilds of Kentucky to create a writers / artists residency, named Shy Rabbit.

Shy Rabbit will provide scholarships and a food stipend several times during the year to writers anywhere who seek a contemplative and tranquil place to work and create. A NYC literary and film agent will review and select from the applicants. 

To apply to Shy Rabbit for 2019 writers scholarship residency

  •  Write a 200 word summary of your work in progress

  • Write 100 words on how you would utilize the time at Shy Rabbit.

  •  Add another 100 words of why you need this time and space.

  •  Include and paste into the email 5-10 pages of sample writing from your work in progress.

  • Include a short Bio with all contact information

  • Email the above to: theshyrabbit1 @

  • Applications for summer residency begin April 1st, 2019

  • The top 10 entries will be sent to a literary agent in New York, who will choose one winner.

  • Notification of summer selection will be by or around June 1, 2019

  •  Winner will receive an 8-12 day stay at Shy Rabbit.

  •       A food stipend will be given upon arrival.

  •       Winner will be responsible for transportation.

  •       Only the winner will be allowed to occupy Shy Rabbit during their stay. (Sorry no family or friends or children or pets can be accommodated)

  • On April 1st, 2019 the first scholarship grant was awarded to librarian assistant Rosemary Washington of Seattle WA. Congratulations to Rosemary. The 2nd residency winner is Su-Yee Lin, NYC.

Applications for Fall residency open June 1st, 2019, and will close August 20,2019

Applications for Winter Residency open October 1, 2019, and will close December20, 2019

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